1943 - March

Clan Alpine

Left Liverpool

For Walvis Bay

Torpedoed & sunk 13 March


J H Crellin

Union-Castle Line

Clan Line

King Line

Trooping Services

Windsor Castle

Left Clyde

Troopship Services

Lost when bombed and torpedoed 23 March


J C Brown

Third Officer

A Landless

Chief Engineer

W J Tawse

Junior Engineer

W O Mann

Asst Bath Steward


King Gruffydd

Left  New York

For  Hull

Torpedoed & sunk 17 March


H Griffiths

Chief Officer

G C Morris

Third Officer

G M Griffiths

Second Radio Officer

W Mayall

Third Radio Officer

J J Ramsay

Chief Engineer

C E Cox

Third Engineer

T A Fuge

Able Seamen

L A Chitham

W H Diggens

H Jones

S McDonough

Senior Ordinary Seaman

J Feenan


C G Pringle


W J Miller

Firemen and Trimmers

J P Clune

H Edwards

R Hughes

J Little

T C Reilly


C Heron

Asst Cook

G Jones

Crew Member

G M Griffiths

Mess Room Boy

S Martin

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