Clan MacPherson (3)

Date of attack

1 May 1943


Sunk by U-515 (Werner Henke)

Position 07.58N, 14.14W - Grid ET 6128


140 (4 dead and 136 survivors).



Torpedoed and Sunk off West Africa - 1943

Clan MacPherson

Left Calcutta

For UK via Durban

Lost 1 May 1943



E Gough


Chief Engineer

N M Robertson


Second Engineer

J C Marshall


Fourth Engineer

W McMurtrie


Fifth Engineer

W Cunningham



Calcutta - Durban - Takoradi (26 Apr) - Freetown - Trinidad - UK


8440 tons of general cargo, including 2750 tons of pig iron, linseed, tea, jute, mica and groundnuts

Notes on loss  

At 05.40 hours on 1 May 1943, U-515 attacked the convoy TS-37 for a second time about 75 miles southwest of Freetown and fired three single torpedoes. The first hit the City of Singapore after 1 minute 8 seconds in the stern and the ship was observed to burn fiercely before she sank. The second torpedo hit the Mokambo after 1 minute 5 seconds and set her on fire. The third torpedo hit after 35 seconds the Clan Macpherson, which began to sink by the stern.

The Clan Macpherson (Master Edward Gough) foundered later in 08°04N/14°12W. Four crew members were lost. The master, 126 crew members, seven gunners and two naval signalmen were picked up by HMS Arran (T 06) (T/Lt D.S. Hutton, RNR) and landed at Freetown the same day.

Clan MacPherson Officers - 1939

Commodore G Purssey Phillips front centre

Photograph taken on his final voyage before retirement

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