Pensioners Reunions

10th July & 30th Sept - 1986

Clansman - December 1986

Hon Anthony Cayzer with Montague Clark

Fred Brading, Reg Patterson and Kenneth Fearnhead

Capt G Lloyd and Donald Brown

Capt Roy Cawdery, Richard Rex and Capt Ian Shearer

Bill Nicholls, John Archdeacon and David Hill

Capt William Freestone, Hitch Harman and Norman Hodson

Cyril Rice, Capt Jimmy James and Brig Tony Hunter

George Warr and Capt Peter Eckford

September in Southampton

July in Scotland

Capt Arthur Hogg and Hon Anthony Cayzer

Les Brown, Capt Ian Bennet and Tom Drakard

Capt Gerry Gann and William McDermott

Capt Gerry Owen and Herbie Wall

Captains George Charleson, Sandy Campbell and Alasdair Sillars

Captains Cape Scott, Sackville Cresswell and Jimmy Paterson

Capt Tom Halliday, Herbie Duncan and Capt Arthur Young

William Black and Capt Douglas MacMillan

Jimmy McGown and Eric Watson

Robert Turner, Andrew Teer and Charles Aitken

Captains John Robertson, Ian Bennet, Arthur Hogg, Mike Ure, Hamish Currie,

Mr Archie MacIntyre and David Galbraith

Capt Stan Hay, Jimmy Kemp, Tom Tudhope and John Corbett

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