1942 - August

Cargo Service

Rochester Castle

Left The Clyde

2 August

For Malta (Operation Pedestal)

Richmond Castle

Left Buenos Aires

For Avonmouth via Montevideo

Lost when torpedoed 4 August


Capt R Wren DSO

T C Goldstone

Chief Officer

A J Culpin DSC

W Gibb

Second Officer

H N Dryden DSC

F J Pye

Third Officer

W Richmond

T Allen


D C B Lochhead MID

R F Leeds MID

J Whadcoat

J Lester

D Cutcliffe

P Jones

A M Chisholm

First Radio Officer

J Gillespie

Second Radio Officer

T M K Knowles MID

K Icke MID

C P Freeman

Third Radio Officer

P Franklin

Chief Engineer

F E Mattocks DSC

Jnr Second Engineer

I F McDonald MID

Third Engineer

T F M Chambers

Snr Fourth Engineer


J Johnstone

Int Fourth Engineer

P F H Brebner MID


M Thompson MID

Chief Steward

H F White MID

Able Seaman

J J Hesse DSM

P Inglis DSM

F Evans

D T Jones

J MacIver

A Murray

D R Taylor

W G Whincup

Deck Boy

R Swain DSM


C J Patterson

ER Storekeeper

C G Knight MID


J D T Elvin

C W Gray

E E Hayes

W J Purkiss

H G Sawkins

Chief Cook

J Marshall


J W Mangham


W G Cull

Union-Castle Line

Clan Line

Clan MacNaughton

Left Alexandria

For New York

Lost when torpedoed 1 August

Clan Ferguson

Left The Clyde

For Malta

Lost when bombed 12 August

Clan MacWhirter

Left Bombay

For Hull

Lost when torpedoed 27 August


J W Bennett

Capt F S Lofthouse OBE

R S Masters

Chief Officer

J J Millar MBE

Second Officer

A H Black DSC


A G Allson DSM

First Radio Officer

W J McCrory

J I Lewis

Chief Engineer

J R Wilde MBE

Second Engineer

J Weir

Engineer Officer

W M Grant

F McGarry

Third Engineer

A Blair


H G Bruce


B C Smith


J Anderson


J Hollywood

Fireman Trimmer

H E Beavan

Fireman Trimmer

R Connell

Fireman Trimmer

W Crawford

Fireman Trimmer

M Ryan


A Stewart

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