1942 - August

Cargo Service

Rochester Castle

Left The Clyde

2 August

For Malta (Operation Pedestal)

Richmond Castle

Left Buenos Aires

For Avonmouth via Montevideo

Lost when torpedoed 4 August


Capt R Wren DSO

T C Goldstone

Chief Officer

A J Culpin DSC

W Gibb

Second Officer

H N Dryden DSC

F J Pye

Third Officer

W Richmond

T Allen


D C B Lochhead MID

R F Leeds MID

J Whadcoat

J Lester

D Cutcliffe

P Jones

A M Chisholm

First Radio Officer

J Gillespie

Second Radio Officer

T M K Knowles MID

K Icke MID

C P Freeman

Third Radio Officer

P Franklin

Chief Engineer

F E Mattocks DSC

Jnr Second Engineer

I F McDonald MID

Third Engineer

T F M Chambers

Snr Fourth Engineer


J Johnstone

Int Fourth Engineer

P F H Brebner MID


M Thompson MID

Chief Steward

H F White MID

Able Seaman

J J Hesse DSM

P Inglis DSM

F Evans

D T Jones

J MacIver

A Murray

D R Taylor

W G Whincup

Deck Boy

R Swain DSM


C J Patterson

ER Storekeeper

C G Knight MID


J D T Elvin

C W Gray

E E Hayes

W J Purkiss

H G Sawkins

Chief Cook

J Marshall


J W Mangham


W G Cull

Union-Castle Line

Clan Line

Clan MacNaughton

Left Alexandria

For New York

Lost when torpedoed 1 August

Clan Ferguson

Left The Clyde

For Malta (Operation Pedestal)

Lost when bombed 12 August

Clan MacWhirter

Left Bombay

For Hull

Lost when torpedoed 27 August

Clan Lamont

Arrived New York

28 August

From Bombay


J W Bennett

F S Lofthouse

R S Masters

H M Rodger

Chief Officer

J J Millar

J Findlay

L B Higgins

Second Officer

A H Black

S P Lee

Third Officer

J A Baxter

Fourth Officer

E W Robb


A G Allson

K Sutherland

A C Murray

E A Hall


W Griffin

J D McLeod

Radio Officers

W J McCrory

J I Lewis

W Ellsmere

J M Gibb

R Green

Chief Engineer

J R Wilde MBE

G Black

J R Biggs

Second Engineer

J Weir

F Briggs

T Horrice

Engineer Officer

W M Grant

F McGarry

Third Engineer

A Blair

A W Johnston

Fourth Engineer

J R Templeton

Fifth Engineer

T Graham

I A Webandlish

Sixth Engineer

P M Horsburgh

Seventh Engineer

S M Brown

Eighth Engineer

H R Lythgoe


H G Bruce

A Menzies


B C Smith

J Charles

Second Steward

B P O’Byrne


J Anderson


J Hollywood

Fireman Trimmer

H E Beavan

Fireman Trimmer

R Connell

Fireman Trimmer

W Crawford

Fireman Trimmer

M Ryan


A Stewart

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