Umtata (4)

From B&C Review  April 1959



Years in Service


Umtata (4)


1960 transferred to Springbok Line, renamed Klipbok


Built in 1943, by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, she was launched on 1 September of that year.

She entered service in January 1944.

Dimensions: 7288grt, Length 452.8ft Beam 59.2ft and a maximum draft of 33.6ft.

She was powered by two triple expansion steam engines + a LP turbine connected to twin screws and giving her a service speed of 14.5 knots.

She had accommodation for 24 passengers

In September 1961 she arrived at Yokosuka, Japan for breaking up.

In 1958 she was part of the first trial in B&C of Cadet Ships.

She served in this capacity for a year until she was tranferred to The Springbok Line and her role was taken by Clan Davidson.

From B&C Review December 1958

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Umtata on her way up river to Hamburg

Cadet Intakes

Umtata Cadets - 1958

Umtata Cadets - 1959

Crossing The Line Ceremony - 1958

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