Nigel Butterfield

Hi Chris

This is Clan Malcolm in Beira early in 1965 on my first voyage to sea, and the first voyage as a Cadet Ship.

The photos show the discharge of a 90 ton diesel locomotive for Rhodesian Railways that had been loaded at Birkenhead; the body being on deck and the bogies in the hold.

The Mate in the photo is "birdseed" Bevan, so named as he was always whistling. Can't remember the name of the 3rd Mate in the photo.

Quite amazing seeing that forest of derricks and wires. I have more photos to send but I will wait until you have had a look at the ones sent.



Nigel on the right

At the Clan Line Reunion 2 October 2013

4 October 2014

Nigel and I served together on Ayrshire in 1965 whilst she was aground on Abd-Al-Kuri.

Nigel was one of four cadets transferred to Ayrshire after she had stranded.

I met Nigel again at the Purser’s Reunion in Southampton in September 2013. He told me that he was in poor health.

I have now learned from another of the Clan Malcolm cadets that were transferred, John Wright, that Nigel passed away earlier in 2014.

Sad news

Chris Isaac

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