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February 2022

Message received from Louis d'Espagnac - 16 February 2022

Dr Tim Gunner ex B&C passed away earlier this month in Norway where he lived.

I had the pleasure to sail with him on our first trip on Kinnaird Castle in July ’66.

Dr. Tim Gunner has been researching the behaviour of crude oil pursuant to his position as a Expert Witness, Consultant and Maritime Arbitrator for the last 20 years.

He has written many earlier papers on the subject which address specific aspects of the impact of crude oil behaviour upon its transportation.

A previous 11 year research project culminated in the award of Ph.D. from the Maritime Faculty of the University of Wales. This research developed the concept of Cloud Point temperature determination for crude oil which has now been accepted by the international community as an alteration of the required guidelines for washing of crude oil cargo tanks in order that increased washing efficiency is acheived.

As Associate Professor at Vestfold College he has lead the CRUCOGSA research team investigating the multiphase behaviour of crude oil and, with the use of the developed data, will continue to advance the technology and knowledge required by tanker officers for the efficient and affective transportation of this vital feedstock for the world's community.

Picture taken from Website of the University of South East Norway

Obituary - 2022

Tim Gunner

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