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Also From my time on the Reina del Mar April/May 1964 (R Coombes Chief Elect ) & (T Martin 3rd Eng)

I remember well going to Harland &Wolf  Belfast for the Reina del Mar refit when she moved from PSNC to TSL,i.e. getting updated for Cruising and the trips from the Pierhead Liverpool to New York.  During the Refit  Ralph & I were in a Hotel in Bangor N1 & travelled daily to Belfast, they were good times.


Eddie Daly,

Abingdon Oxon



Email address:


About me:

Joined British & Commonwealth 1963.as Elect-Officer.

Was in Southampton standing by on the Mail Liners for quite some time before getting to Sea. Lived in Hill Lane.

Sailed on Pendennis Castle Capetown Castle Reina Del Mar  Nicolas Bowater Constance Bowater Gladys Bowater Phyllis Bowater Clan MacGregor Clan MacDougall Clan Ramsay

Some of the above on more than one trip.

Finished with B&C 1968

Joined UKAEA at Dounreay 1968 (Fission research centre Fast Reactors)

Working on DFR & PFR. Departed Dounreay 1982.

Arrived Jet Joint European Torus Abingdon Oxon 1982 (Fusion Research)

Retired 2007 but still work part-time at JET.

Married  Frances and I have 2 Sons & 3 Grandchildren 2 Girls & 1 Boy.

As requested info for your Web Site.

The Ships I Sailed on were

1 Clan MacGregor.      January 1964

2 Pendennis Castle.     January/March 1964

3 Reina Del Mar.        April/August 1964

4 Phyllis Bowater.      Sept 1964

5 Nicolas Bowater.     October 1964/August 1965

6 Constance Bowater. October 1965/January 1966

7 Pendennis Castle.     February 1966/April 1966

8 Capetown Castle.     May 1966/October 1966

9 Gladys Bowater.      Dec 1966/March 1967

10 Clan MacDougall.  April 1967/July 1967

11 Clan Ramsay.        August 1967/October 1967

12 Caltex/Texaco Bahrain  December 1967/April 1968.

I was a Electrical Officer in position,s from 4th to 1st

As stated on the B&C Website I am trying to contact both Tony & Helen Coyle.

I sailed with Tony on the Capetown Castle he was also a Electrical Officer September 1966.

They Emigrated to Johannesburg SA I think 1967, they are both from the West of Scotland as I am myself, my home is now in Abingdon OXON.

I have completely lost touch with them.

Also R Coombes 1st Elect. & Tommy Martin 3rd Eng. Reina Del Mar.

April/August 1964.

It would also be good to make contact with anyone else who remember me,

From those great times.

It Would be quite something to make contact again after all these years

Or should I say decades.

Thank you for the opportunity to post this information on your Web-site.

On Nicholas Bowater 1964 - 65

Tony Coyle & Eddie Daly

Capetown Castle Sept 1966

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