1898 - March

Mail Service

Norham Castle

Left Southampton

5 March

For South Africa


Left Southampton

12 March

For South Africa

Roslin Castle

Left Southampton

19 March

For South Africa


Left Southampton

26 March

For South Africa


R Rendall

R Reynolds

J W Creaghe

J Tyson

Chief Officer

E H Evans

Second Officer

R G Shilston

Third Officer

J Pearce

Fourth Officer

C P Read

Chief Engineer

H Forbes

Second Engineer

H A Harris

Third Engineer

A A Randall

Fourth Engineer

W Watt

Fifth Engineer

C R Tonge

Sixth Engineer

J Orde

Electrician & Frig

E E Light


J M Shirley

Chief Steward

C T Harmon

Combined Mail Service

The Intermediate vessel Spartan took the Southbound sailing on 26 March, Goorkha completed the Northbound sailing

Clan Lindsay

Left East London

19 March

For Port Natal

Wrecked 50m from East London


J Schofield

Clan Line

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