Sarah Bowater

Manoevring in Ice

Review - August 1968

Farwell to Sarah Bowater - 1968

As Vainqueur Jose

Life after Bowaters

Sarah Bowater

Artist - Tony Westmore

Sarah Bowater - Art Gallery

Official Press Photograph of launch by Wm. Denny & Bros. Dumbarton 1955

The Launch of Sarah Bowater - 21 May 1955

The Maiden Voyage of Sarah Bowater - September 1955

Sarah Bowater arriving Corner Brook on maiden voyage September 1955.

Information on the back of photo reads Colin G. Stewart.

Photographer. Bowater's Newfoundland Pulp and Paper Mills Ltd. September 28th 1955

Christmas - 1966



Left Northfleet

1 November

For Liverpool NS


G S Gann

Chief Officer

D Grant

Second Officer

B Micklan

Third Officer

F Hugo


N Dishington

A Kilpatrick

Radio Officer

J Hubbard

Chief Engineer

R Brown

Second Engineer

J Davies

Third Engineer

W Hawkins

Fourth Engineer

H Robson

Junior Engineer

O Dyroff

B Ingram

Purser/Catering Officer

L Tompkinson

Ships That Pass in The Night by Capt Harold Charnley - 1966

Review - December 1966

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