1976 - February

Mail Service

Southampton Castle

Left Southampton

6 February

For South Africa

Windsor Castle

Left Southampton

20 February

For South Africa

Good Hope Castle

Left Southampton

27 February

For South Africa


C de F Hedges

P St Q Beadon

A G Allson

Chief Officer

A Flenley

Second Officer

M Brown

Extra Second Officer

D Mercer

Third Officer

S Gobbi


A Read

S Harvey

P Monks


L O’Neill

First Radio Officer

P Galbraith

Chief Engineer

A MacIntyre

First Engineer

A Cunningham

Second Engineer

L Ord

Jnr Second Engineer

P Gillies

A Dent

Junior Engineer

G Viner

D Waite

A Feehan

Chief Frig Engineer

L Block

First Electrician

D Tucker

Second Electrician

J Brzezinski

Fourth Electricians

C Stracey

C Scriven

S Brown

Senior Mechanic

G Sergeant

W J Symons

F Taylor

ER Storekeeper

T Andrews

Chief Purser Catering

R Welland


M Martin


Master’s Certificate

First Mate’s Certificate

Second Mate’s Certificate

Deck and Radio Officers

A E Mellon

C J Parkinson

L C Mitchell

R R Black

K A Maltby

S J Godding

To Chief Officer

To Third Officer

Deck  and Radio Officers

C Bagwell

R R Black

K A Maltby

S J Godding


To Jnr Second Engineer

To Fourth Engineer

To Junior Engineer

Engineer Officers

A J Marriner

D R Smithson

R Mennie

A M Baron

A Steel

C D Black

1st Class Steam Or Motor


2nd Class Steam Or Motor


Engineer Officers

J H Thomlinson

M Jennings

D R Smithson

J D Stewart

A J Marriner

W Harding

Union-Castle / Safmarine

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