1943 - December

Clan MacAulay

At New York

21 December

From Colon


F Lofthouse

Chief Officer

R Linsley

Second Officer

C Atkinson

Third Officer

G Seymour

Fourth Officer

G Gann


G Stanley

Asst Carpenter

W Rae

Purser/Catering Officer

R Pandelus

First Radio Officer

A Towers

Second Radio Officer

L Sackett

Third Radio Officer

J Hale


I McCaw

Chief Engineer

W Orr

Second Engineer

W MacDonald

Third Engineer

R Kerr

Fourth Engineer

F Creighton

Fifth Engineer

A Grant

Sixth Engineer

J McKean

Seventh Engineer

R Elliot

Eighth Engineer

A France

Chief Frig Engineer

J Lyons

Second Frig Engineer

J Gordon

Able Seamen

J Campbell

B Dave

Deck Hands

D Glasbrook

R Cuthbe

D Allen

T MacDonald

A Forshaw


B McCormack

Clan Line

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