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From Iain Mathieson

Easter 1961,

Hector Hawk was anchored off Fiumicino waiting on tank space to commence discharge of LFO thru the submarine pipeline.

Easter Sunday Capt RGT Franklin, Mate, C/E and a bunch of other Catholic crew went ashore to Vatican Square for Pope’s blessing.

Weather deteriorated rapidly in afternoon and Master and others could not reboard from agent’s boat. Weather continued to deteriorate and the vessel started dragging her anchor towards the beach. The second anchor was dropped but to no avail. Started to heave up anchors and use main engine but vessel’s stern grounded and punched rudder up and fractured steering gear cross-head. Afterpeak tank flooded but judicious use of main engine and dredging one anchor, managed to move the vessel far enough offshore to a decent holding ground where we remained waiting for tug assistance.

Tug arrived next morning and 'Hawk' towed to Naples for cargo discharge and subsequent drydocking .

Master and other pilgrims rejoined in Naples just long enough to pack their bags !

Capt Dave Cornwell replaced RGT Franklin as Master and Peter Boyle was the new Mate. Rob Metcalf and I remained as Apprentices.

We had 3 weeks in Naples before resuming the Banias/Tripoli/Fiumicino/Genoa service.

An Imodco Buoy was later installed at Fiumicino which was less prone to weather than the original spread mooring/submarine hose set-up.

Aground at Fiumicino - 1961

Sailing on The Spanish Main by Elisabeth MacMillan - 1966

Review - April 1967



Left Taranto

30 June

For Los Angeles & Curacao


D H MacMillan

Chief Officer

J Wilcock

Second Officer

I Bell

Third Officer

B Preece


M Leaver

J Johnson

Radio Officer

M Holtby

Chief Engineer

T Drakard

Second Engineer

B Seignott

Jnr Second Engineer

A Harbron

Third Engineer

M Jackson

Fourth Engineer

W Barnicoat

Junior Engineer

C Pike

R Smith

First Electrician

M Hannan

Review - February 1967

Voyage Notes by Capt D H MacMillan

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