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5 August 1973

Lost at sea

Chris Isaac

I sailed with Eddie in 1969 aboard Rotherwick Castle

I was Second Officer and he was one of two Assistant Stewards, the other was a South African named Dallas Sutton (died 2019)

Eddie had previously sailed on one or more of the passenger ships and was unashamedly gay. He regarded himself as one of Union-Castle's Royal Family in the gay community, he even had a "royal" title (I cannot remember what it was except that he was one of the princesses)

Clansman - August 1975

Obituary - 1973

Memories of Eddie Gie-Hamilton

Eddie and Dallas were very popular on board because of their flambouyant personalities and for their contientious attention to their duties.

Both of them were ambitious to advance and were keen to talk as often as they could with officers to get advice on how to progress their careers.

Although Eddie's job was to serve the officers he was never subservient.

I recall one moring in Durban he sought me out and wanted to confide something. The previous evening he had been on a run ashore and had enjoyed the company of a young lady.  He was in such a state and wanted my advice as to whether he should visit the Queen of The U-C Royal Family that by chance just happened to be on Pendennis Castle that was also in Durban at the time. I advised him that it was just the once and we all do things from time to time that are best put to one side.

We sailed together on Rotherwick Castle for about 9 months and at the end of the voyage we went separate ways.

I know that in September 1970 he joined Tantallon Castle as 2nd Steward (first step forward in his pursuit of advancement).

I heard that Eddie was sunbathing on the foredeck of Nina Bowater when a wave came over the bow and he was washed overboard and lost.

Eddie Gie-Hamilton

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