1948 - February

St Merriel

St Clears

St Rosario

St Margaret

St Elwyn

St Ina

St Jessica


P J Reaveley

P A Stainsby

G T Rees

Chief Officer

A H Turner

1st Officer

B T Staves

J L Reid

G E Towill

2nd Officer

H Harrison

C Jeans

H E Bulmer

3rd Officer

A R Crawford

B Kadansky

T D Young

2nd Engineer

L Lisle

J George

R G Morgan

J H Greenwood

G W Church

Jnr 2nd Engineer

W C Morris

3rd Engineer

F E W Marsh

J S Denyer

G Margerison

4th Engineer

P Imlach

F W Simon

5th Engineer

W D Broomfield

D R Warlow

G Atkinson

M Denman

J Ballantyne

J Cullen


J Cooke

Chief Steward

W Righton

R H Jenkins

J Howard

St Arvans

Fort Frontenac

Fort St Regis

Withrow Park

Rosedale Park

St Helena

Belwoods Park

Kawartha Park


N Sharp

I Ellis

E Martyn

Chief Officer

J B Butterworth

A Stacey

1st Officer

K H Thomas

F B Jones

B E Willison

N Nute

W H D Marker

D Millward

2nd Officer

A Chamberlain

J Salter

W Slater

P Ward

J A Constantine

3rd Officer

D B Hussey

G H Selby-Smith

J B Ricketts

R F Abbey

A J B Philips

Chief Engineer

W E Pottinger

J Patterson

E Thompson

2nd Engineer

L T Allinson

G P Gilchrist

J F Withington

3rd Engineer

R I Strain

W McKenna

G C Franklin

4th Engineer

G F M Robinson

R S Donaldson

J W James

5th Engineer

D R Davies

W D Phillips

P J Evans

A Bell

H W Lea

Chief Steward

E J Pollard

A E Brown

R Griffiths

M Derrington

R Stephenson

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