Review - December 1963

Clansman - October 1976

Retired - 1976

Appointed Nautical Adviser - 1964

As Commodore Naval Drafting 1960 - 1962

Photo from The National Portrait Gallery

Obituary - 1999

Commodore Raymond Hart CBE, DSO, DSC & Bar (24 June 1913 – 6 August 1999) was a British seaman and a Royal Navy officer who served during the Second World War.

Hart was born in Southampton. He was educated at Oakmount Preparatory School, and later King Edward VI School, Southampton. In 1929, aged 16, he joined the Merchant Navy and in 1937 the Royal Navy.

At the outbreak of the Second World War Hart was a lieutenant on the destroyer HMS Hasty. In February 1941 he was recommended for bravery during loss of HMS Dainty; he was awarded the DSC for this in December 1941.

In December 1942 Hart was appointed commander of destroyer HMS Vidette, assigned to B-7 Escort Group under command of Lt Cdr. P. W. Gretton. In May 1943 during the defence of Convoy ONS 5 Vidette destroyed two U-boats; Hart was later awarded a bar to his DSC.

In June he was promoted to lieutenant commander. In October while working as a support group, B-7 assisted in the defence of convoys ON 206, ON 207 and ON 208. Nine U-boats were destroyed in total during these actions; Vidette was credited with two, and Hart was Mentioned in Despatches.

In March 1944 he was given command of the destroyer HMS Havelock; in June they destroyed U-767 in the Channel.

In September 1944 Hart took command of frigate HMS Conn and 21 Escort Group. Conn was credited with two U-boats destroyed in March 1945, and Hart was later awarded the DSO

After the end of hostilities Hart served in a number of sea-going and shore posts, culminating in the command of HMS Undine and of 6th Frigate Squadron in 1957.

He was promoted to captain in 1953 and commodore in 1960, before retiring in 1963. Hart was appointed a CBE in 1963.

After retirement from the Royal Navy Hart held several positions in the Merchant Navy, being advisor to B&C until 1972, then fleet manager of Cayzer Irvine until 1976, during which time he was director of both companies.

In 1974 Hart appeared in the documentary series The World at War, in the episode covering the Battle of the Atlantic.

Hart married in 1945 and had three children; two sons and a daughter. He died in Southampton, where he had lived, in 1999.

Hart was credited with the destruction of seven U-boats in his war-time service.





6 May 1943


NE of Newfoundland

Depth-charged by HMS Vidette (Hart)

6 May 1943


NE of Newfoundland

Depth-charged by HMSs Snowflake and Vidette (Hart)

23 Oct 1943


SW of Iceland

Depth-charged by aircraft and HMSs Duncan and Vidette (Hart)

29 Oct 1943


S of Greenland

Depth-charged by HMSs Vidette (Hart) and Sunflower

18 Jun 1944


SW of Guernsey

Depth-charged by HMSs Fame, Inconstant and Havelock (Hart)

27 Mar 1945


The Minches

Depth-charged by

HMS Conn (Hart)

30 Mar 1945


North Minch

Sunk by HMSs Conn (Hart)

 and Rupert

Captain Raymond Hart


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