Robert (Roy) G Smith

Made redundant 05/04/86    

Joined BP Shipping 06/04/86

Master BP.   Made redundant 1992 on grounds of age. -- told I was too old;  they wanted young vigorous Masters!   I was actually 51.

Joined TK Shipping(Canada) 07/92

Took early retirement             05/97

I was offered more sea service , but declined the offer, however I did almost two years consultancy work for them out of TK's Glasgow office..

Initially on retirement I did quite a bit of angling, and took an HNC in IT.  

I started on the HND course but the funding was withdrawn to fund mental health

Now due to health issues do very little, but read avidly.    

Email from Neil Smith 1st April 2020

Sadly I have to advise you that Roy Smith passed away today from a heart attack at home.

I believe Roy only joined in the The Staff Register recently.

Roy was a Chief Officer of many years standing when made redundant in the late 80's from Cayzers.

He then went on to another Company before taking command.

A strong supporter of the Ancient Mariners in Gourock and thoroughly enjoyed the Annual Liverpool Reunion

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