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Clansman - Aug/Oct 1974

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Seapool Ltd 1950 - 1982

Seapool (1)

Incorporated in 1950; Coy reg No. 492854.

Little is known of the purpose of this shortlived company as on 10th April 1951 a “notice to voluntarily wind-up” was placed in the London Gazette by Margaret Fleming, the appointed liquidator. It was however not finally dissolved until 1988.

Seapool (2)

(Inc 21.12.1955 - Coy Reg.No.576087 )

The company’s registered address was 2-4 St. Mary’s Axe London.

Share capital was £100 in £1 shares of which two were issued, to two solicitors and on registration the shareholders were stated as Baron Herbert Robin Cayzer and Sir William Nicholas Cayzer, who were also listed as the company Directors.

The company articles of association state that “The Company can acquire shares, stock, debenture stock, debenture shares etc.

A Special Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 30 June 1982 to pass a resolution to voluntary wind up the company. The resolution was passed and company

was finally dissolved on 22 December 1982

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