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CHISHOLM, Malcolm M.B.E.  We sadly report the passing this month of Malcolm Chisholm, who had been a stalwart member of the Branch since August 1981. Certainly a good record, and he served for several years as [Port Natal. South Africa] Branch Chairman.  Ever helpful, a true English Gentleman in all ways,

Malcolm hailed from Southampton.  He served as a deck officer with Union-Castle Line.  During the Second World War he was at sea aboard the cargo vessel Richmond Castle and, when torpedoed, Malcolm spent over a week in an open lifeboat with his compatriots.  

For his service in this regard, he was later awarded the MBE.

After the war, he lived in Rhodesia, Nyasaland and then South Africa.  He returned to the sea for a short while, still with Union-Castle, aboard the diminutive coastal vessel ROVUMA along the East African coast.  

He married the late Elva, whom we also remember fondly.  We are very grateful to have known him (and Elva) during their Durban years.  He loved ship watching from his verandah at the flat at Rocca Marina, North Beach, with its excellent view.  Malcolm did not miss much.

In his last few years, especially when not enjoying the best of health, he met Emmie de Billot, who watched over him wonderfully.  They even did a cruise with MSC and enjoyed much happiness during this time.  

Emmie, we salute you, too!  Malcolm reached 87 years of age, had lived an illustrious life, and was a true friend to many.  He will be greatly missed.  

[Port Natal Bluff Signal, Mar 2013]

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