Southern Area Pensioners

Pendennis Castle - July 1971

Review - August 1971

From left to right:   M A Bain (Commodore Chief Purser)   Capt N M Lloyd (Commodore)   Capt A J Hort (Commodore)   

D B Abercrombie (Commodore Chief Engineer)   Capt J Fisher   Bernard Cayzer   Capt W S Byles (Commodore)   J S Bevan (Managing Director)   

Capt H A Deller (Commodore)   Capt R A D Cambridge (Commodore)

From left to right:   Capt L P Wilkie   Bernard Cayzer   Capt A S R Parker

From left to right:   J Lyon (Chief Engineer)   D B Abercrombie (Commodore Chief Engineer)   R E P Leith (Chief Engineer)   W N Makepeace (Chief Engineer)

From left to right:    C A Farr (Chief Catering Officer)   A L Turpin (Chief Steward)   L G Cooper-Thorne (Chief Purser)   J J P Baker (Chief Catering Officer)   

T E Brown (Chief Purser)   J E Bradford (Chief Catering Officer)

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