Clan Robertson (3)



Years in Service


Clan Robertson (3)


1959 transferred to Bullard King & Co., renamed Umzinto (5),

1960 transferred to Springbok Line, renamed Rooibok,

1961 transferred to Safmarine, renamed South African Shipper,

1966 renamed S.A.Shipper,

1975 scrapped.


Clan Robertson and Capetown Castle   

Passing at Sea

A water colour

Artist:  Unknown

Leaving the dock at Greenock

Clan Robertson - Art Gallery

The Launch - March 1954   &   Maiden Voyage - July 1954

Clan Robertson

Left Liverpool

17 July

For South Africa


A Redford

Chief Officer

A M Kennedy

2nd Officer

R M McCrone

3rd Officer

A C Bennell

4th Officer

N S De Sausmarez


A Munro

R G Smith

Radio Officer

A R Hadden


D M Young

Purser/Catering Officer

A T Buckley

2nd Steward

G V James


E C Forman

Chief Engineer

R T Buchanan

2nd Engineer

J McB Reid

Jnr 2nd Engineer

T H Beaton

3rd Engineer

J Park

4th Engineer

A R Williams

5th Engineer

J Wright

6th Engineer

T E Richards

1st Electrician

W R Quigley

2nd Electrician

H McCallum

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