Clan MacIlwraith (2)

1979 Guan Guan Shipping (Pte) Ltd, Singapore

Golden City

Caught fire in No 1 lower 'tween deck in the Strait of Malacca in 05. 02N 97.58E on 17/7/86 (Shanghai for Dubai with sodium hydrosulphite, formic acid and general cargo).

Fire brought under control and vessel taken to Singapore; damage to Nos 1 and 2 holds and forecastle deck, No 1 hold flooded

Scrapped at Jurong by National Shipbreakers Pte. Ltd. 21/10/1986

As Golden City

Life after Clan Line

Review - August 1960

The Launch - May 1960   &   Maiden Voyage - June 1961



Left Liverpool

10 June

For S & E Africa


J O Woodall

Chief Officer

I M Shearer

Second Officer

J F Aspin

Third Officer

M Smith


A P Stapley

C Denovan

Radio Officer

J McParlin


R MacDonald

Purser/Catering Officer

J E Jones

Chief Engineer

D M McLaren

Second Engineer

W Newton

Jnr Second Engineer

R W Welch

Third Engineer

J J Little

Fourth Engineer

J D Ham

Junior Engineer

A S Greer

B Corley

First Electrician

J H Morris

Second Electrician

M McGuire

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