Clan MacGregor (3)

On charter to Harrisons of Liverpool

Recalled by Reg Mercer

"In the early 70's I was 3rd Mate on the Clan MacGregor when we did a charter for the Scandinavian East Africa Line.

The funnel was repainted in SEAL colours and we carried a Norwegian Supercargo. I remember that he was always smoking a rather large cigar. We got to visit quite a few Scandinavian ports which was a bit different from the usual loading/discharge ports.

I joined in Wallsend with the ship just coming out of drydock. Within a couple of hours of sailing we had an engine room fire which was not a good start to the charter, but it improved after that. I have a photo of the funnel which unfortunately is in black and white but I seem to remember it was bright yellow with red, white and blue stripes!"

Clan MacGregor on Charter

Clan MacGregor on The Clyde

A painting by John H Smith

Clan MacGregor - Art Gallery

Review  - December 1962

The Launch - September 1962   &   Maiden Voyage - January 1963



Left Liverpool

15 January

For S & E Africa


A M Kennedy

Chief Officer

C De F Hedges

Second Officer

E C Harvey

Third Officer

W Dancer


N D Lennox-Trewen

L R Morris

B D S Wilson

J Carswell

Radio Officer

E I Kelly


E Thomas

Purser/Catering Officer

F E McKiernan

Chief Engineer

R Gemmell

Second Engineer

T Drakard

Jnr Second Engineer

J G Forrest

Third Engineer

T Farrell

Fourth Engineer

A Medley

Fifth Engineer

J R S Ferguson

First Electrician

G Roy

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