Robert Venman


Bob Venman passed away on 9th January 2018

His shipmates posted the following comments via email and on the Clan Line Facebook Page

Sad news indeed, we only met on handovers but an excellent ‘lecky’ - Tony Boswell

Sailed with Bob on the Menzies happy memories - John Baines

Sailed with Bob on the McNab summer of 78. I remember the laughter and can still hear him now - Lee Ruane

A real gentleman and a great shipmate, will be missed by many I'm sure - John Sharpley

Very sad indeed, I did fear that he may have passed over the bar as we did not receive a Christmas Card from him last year. A true gentleman and one of the old school.   Ex RN.   He was one of only two Electricians who did a GMDSS Course. I dry-docked a couple of ships with him. - John Clarke - Contracts Manager - Telemar UK Ltd

Aboard Clan Menzies with Harry Crier on the left and Lillian Nesbit (wife of Second Engineer)

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