David Sims

Email Received 28 Oct 2015

Have just been reviewing the web site and catching up with stories posted.

I joined Cayzer Irvine in January 1973 and went to South Shields Marine and Technical College for my engineering cadetship.

My experience of sailing within company was tremendous, meeting many different and colourful characters, what a great time I had and meeting/sailing with some fantastic ship mates. Nothing but happy memories.

Unfortunately it all came to end at the end of 1982, when passing Class 1 Motor certificate, I contacted head office with the good news and they congratulated me on the following Monday with my redundancy notice, 'que-sera-sera'.

The main thing is, at least I had the ten years in the company, which were the best one could have at sea as a young man.

All the best, and carry on the good work,

 David Sims.

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