NORTHAM was built in 1858 by Day, Summers & Co. at Northam, Southampton with a tonnage of 1330grt, a length of 274ft, a beam of 34ft 7in and a service speed of 12 knots.

She was built for P & O's Southampton - Cape - Bombay service but was soon transferred to the Bombay - Suez sector of the pre-Suez Canal service which included the famous overland journey from Alexandria to Suez via Cairo. In April 1859 she was placed on the Suez - Galle - Sydney service and, on 20 August 1859, had the misfortune to run aground outside Jeddah. She reverted to the Suez - Bombay route in 1866 where she remained until December 1868 when she was put up as part payment for the Hindostan.

In January 1869 she was purchase for £16,500 by the Union Steamship Co. and immediately rebuilt for the mail service. She was sold to Sir John Malcolm of Liverpool in September 1876 and was converted into a sailing barque for the USA - South Africa trade with the name Stars and Stripes.

She reverted to Northam when she was transferred to the Liverpool - South Africa service and on 2nd December 1878 was burnt at sea during a voyage from London to Sydney.

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