Paul Whyte


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Paul is a Master Mariner and Consultant at LOC London. Paul has 37 years’ sea-going experience working on a broad range of commercial and primarily military vessels and 12 years sea command experience on a variety of naval auxiliaries undertaking global operations, particularly maritime and anti-piracy operations, including ice navigation in high latitudes, as well as transit of many inland waterways.

His practical and theoretical knowledge of ship handling, bridge resource management, regulations for preventing collisions at sea, bridge systems and precision navigation compliments his experience with both traditional and electronic ‘paperless’ navigation.

He is an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute and Royal Navy qualified Specialist Navigator.

Paul was honoured with an MBE for his contribution to Humanitarian Relief following the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.

Paul has provided advice for salvage dangers, grounding, fixed object and ice damage in unsafe port/berth claims, and as Marine Warranty Surveyor he has undertaken a number of surveys that have included offshore vessels, barges, jack-up vessels, workboats, tugs, guard vessels and a passenger vessel.

He served with B&C from Sept 1974 until October 1978 as cadet and third officer.

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