Peter Reeves

Email received July 30 2014

I have just today, come across your web site for the B&C Company.

Not had chance to look thru' all the Companies and Ships, however that will be something over the coming days and weeks !!

I joined as an Apprentice in '61 and served on many Company Vessels' until leaving after gaining 1st Mates Cert. and before Masters'.

During my service I enjoyed my time on all the Ships and that was a period that was so different from today !!!

The only glitch , could you call it that was a period served on board  Rotherwick Castle in '62.

This for me, and the other Cadets who were all 2nd or 3rd "trippers' and just teenagers was a dark period in our lives. From the moment we stepped aboard that Vessel until the day we signed off it was just terrible. Everyday was a nightmare , the most unhappy ship that I have ever served on. I will not go into further detail.

Fortunately, today this treatment would not be allowed , which amongst all the paperwork and reporting and HSE etc is probably a good thing in some ways.

I left B&C and served in a major Oil Company and progressed thru' to Master, I resolved to treat all my Juniors in a humane way ,and now just turned 70 am still part time employed as Consultant / Advisor in Marine and Port Operations worldwide. I only work 2 to 3 months a year and reside in the South of France close to Monaco , my tickets are due for revalidation in 2016. I think then I will swallow the Anchor, as I believe there are so many changes taking place and more courses to take for shore mariners' like me, that the old grey cells could not cope !!!

I look forward to going thru' your site.

Best regards,

Peter Reeves  

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