Alan Ward

I joined B&C in early 1970 having previously worked for EDs, Harrisons, CPS and private yachts.

I applied to Bowaters and to my surprise received a reply from B&C in Liverpool. As I`d been a cargo purser and then changed taking cooks tickets I was offered a job as AP/CO.

I stayed with Clan until mid 1972 when having been told that no further training was necessary but with no sign of promotion I made the mistake of taking a job with Sugar Line, less money as well, I truly wish I’d stayed but c`est la vie.

During my time I did:-

2 trips Clan Ranald usual SA coast and Mauritius on the last trip we came straight home from Port Louis to dry dock in Belfast

Clan Sutherland

Clan Menzies

Clan Malcolm leaving to join Sugar Line

During my time with Clan I used to`work by`on ships in Birkenhead, Tilbury or the Royal Group helping out on functions or whatever they wanted me to do, good times for 2 years and I wish I’d stayed.

Service Record



Clan Ranald

Asst Purser Catering



Clan Sutherland

Asst Purser Catering



Clan Menzies

Asst Purser Catering



Clan Malcolm

Asst Purser Catering



Left Company

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