Simon Neal

14th February 1972

Enrolled at the N.S.T.S. in Gravesend, Kent, I was 16 years old on the 19th February.

9th June 72

Joined my First ship as Deck Boy in Southampton, the Reina Del Mar, cruise liner, owned by Union-Castle.

Stayed on there through J.O.S. , S.O.S. and then E.D.H.

7th May 75

Joined the “ Good Hope Castle “ , Southampton.

17th December 77 to 6th January 78.

One trip on the “ Balmoral Castle “

16th January 78

Joined the “ Table Bay “, Owned by O.C.L. but crewed and managed by Cayzer Irvine & Co. Ltd. By that time I had got in enough sea time to get my A.Bs Certificate.

Went to Hamburg for modifications and a change of name to “ Zim Barcelona “ , Promoted to Bosuns Mate.

3rd May 80.

Joined the “ King George “ bulk carrier

22nd October 80.

Joined the “ King William “ sister ship to the George

Joined the “ King Alfred “ a smaller bulk carrier than the George & William, 7 hatches instead of 9.

19th January 82

Joined the “ Balmoral Universal “ for one trip.

7th August 82.

Back to the “ King Alfred “

16th December 82.

Joined the “ Edinburgh Universal “

5th June 83,

Joined the “ Scottish Eagle “  tanker, in the Falkland Islands, we were anchored off San Carlos Water, Basically used as a fuelling station, R.N. Ships of all Types, Frigates, Destroyers, R.F.As & Subs would refuel from us, we once had 4 R.N. ships alongside us, two from the Old Patrol that was going home and two from the New Patrol that had just come down, the R.N. Crew were transferring ordinance across our deck from the Old Patrol to the New One. To join the “ Scottish Eagle “ we flew to Ascension Island then a 10 day ferry trip to the ship.

4th July 84

Joined the “ Scottish Lion “ , circumnavigated the world on this trip.

11th June 86

Joined my first ferry , Thoresen Car Ferries “ Dragon “ After that various ferries, F E 5, Viking Valiant, Viking Trader, Viking Viscount, on the Viscount we did a MOD charter if memory serves it was code named “ Purple Warrior “ ,Pride of Hampshire, Pride of Cherbourg,

14th March 90

Promoted to Bosun, Joined European Trader, then on to the new “ Pride of Cherbourg “, ex Isle of Innisfree, Pride of Le Havre, Pride of Bilbao and finally the Pride of York.

And I have enjoyed it all.

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