Robert Bush

Joined as a cadet in 1971 and went to Plymouth for first two years then to sea on Clan Robertson.  Tony Fountain was the second engineer and I met him three years ago at the pursers reunion in Southampton.  

Went to South Shields for my final year as a cadet and left there to join the Clan MacClay as a junior engineer round the cape to east Africa, I think the trip was about 6 to 7 months.  

Joined the Rothesay Castle for my next trip and she was sold when we arrived at Marsielle.  

Next to the the King William on the Japan/Australia run iron ore.  Left her in Japan leave and then onto the King James ( Grim Jim) as an extra junior engineer to try and get her working.  

Together with another junior I was at college with, Smith and I can't remember his first name we did the ballasting in port and at sea tried to fix stuff as it fell apart!  

After that I think I joined the Bonnieway in Constanza after her maiden voyage and then back to New Orleans for grain to Europe.  Its a bit vague after this as I cannot find my discharge book.  

I did a coastal on the Clan Alpine around this time where I met a good friend of mine Andy Whetung purser.  Did a few trips on one of the Clan 'R's, which by then had changed name to a Castle.  

Joined the Sunnyway as 4th when she bought second hand and went to Argentina that was 78 as the World cup was on. Took a load of grain to Leningrad now St Peteresburg.  

Next onto the Clan Robertson again but she was now something Castle.  Did East Africa then told we were to lay up in Durban till the start of the fruit season.  It was now October four months in Durban!  

The ex Clan Ross joined us on the buoys in the harbour.  We then got orders to leave and sail for San Francisco ships never been that way before no charts got to Pamama Canal no fairleads had to be cut in bow whilst at anchor.  Ended up in Seattle loading apples for Dubai and UAE sailed across Pacific another first not enough water on these boats!  

After that it was back to the Sunnyway and some more ex Clan R's,which were now Universals.  

Left when I asked for redundancy.    

Service Record



Clan Robertson

Eng Cadet



Clan MacLay

Jnr Engineer



Rothesay Castle

Jnr Engineer



King William

Jnr Engineer



King James

Jnr Engineer




Jnr Engineer

Clan Alpine

Jnr Engineer


4th Engineer


Balmoral Castle

4th Engineer




4th Engineer

Winchester Universal

4th Engineer



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