James Sandison

Email 17 March 2013


Joined 1965 as R/O

Rowallan Castle (coastal} Capt Dryden
Hector Heron (1 voyage approx 1 year) Capt Stan Hay
King Arthur  (1 voyage, almost a year, Capt Ian Shearer
Clan Maclay (3 voyages) with Capt Basil Biggs (2) and Capt Sam Hagan (1)
Clan Sutherland (1 double header) Capt Sandy Kennedy

I served with B & C as an R/O starting in Nov 1965 with a coastal on the Rowallan Castle, followed by a 1 year trip on the Hector Heron.

Then on several ships, finally a double header on the Clan Sutherland from April 1970 to Jan 1971.

I then left the MN for about a year and a half before returning to sea (to keep my ticket validated) with CP Ships.

I had some very happy years with some great shipmates on a variety of B & C ships, and have met up with a few over the years since.

Good to find so much information at one site. Will have to take time to learn about it.

Many happy days with B & C, and good shipmates – many good memories, often not for family consumption

One in particular was a voyage from Walvis Bay on the Clan MacLay with Capt B. S. Biggs as master, when we carried a menagerie of animals from Walvis Bay to Genoa for onward shipping to a zoo in (I think) Germany. There were zebra, giraffe, kudu, eland and many more varieties of antelope along with a keeper to look after them on the voyage.

I learned recently that Capt Biggs passed away, he was a fine master and a fine man, and it was a privilege to have known him

Service Record



Rowallan Castle

Radio Officer


Hector Heron

Radio Officer



King Arthur

Radio Officer



Clan MacLay

Radio Officer



Clan Sutherland

Radio Officer



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