Launched and 12.1939 completed by Greenock Dockyard Co Ltd. Greenock (Yard No 438) for The Clan Line Steamers Ltd.

6.1944 crossed the English Channel five times with Invasion Troops for Normandy, serving as a Landing Ship Infantry (LSI)

25.7.1944 commissioned into The Royal Navy and renamed H.M.S. LAMONT six days later.

2.8.1944 sailed for the South West Pacific to assist the United States Navy, but was rejected and used for training, trooping and an accommodation ship for British Pacific Fleet at Manus, Admiralty Islands.

8.8.1945 Renamed H.M.S. Ard Patrick

1946 returned to the U.K. via Panama Canal and fitted with extra accommodation for ferrying troops between Tilbury and Cuxhavan.

1947 re-entered Clan Line Service.

31.8.1961 arrived Mihara, Japan, for scrapping.

HMS Lamont entering the Clyde during the Second World War.

The Clan Lamont was one of the ships that played a pivotal role in the D-Day landings, 1944.

Artist: C E Turner

© Courtesy Caledonia Investments

HMS Lamont at The Tail o’ The Bank

A scene on the Clyde Estury, localy known as 'the tail o the bank' around 1944.

A U class submarine is being escorted to the sea by a tug and an ML ( motor launch ), while a drifter is taking a barrage balloon back to it's station after servicing.

Several Merchant ships are waiting to form a convoy,

While the Battleship Warspite under goes maintanence and the Landing Ship Infantry HMS Lamont is prepairing to deliver its troops to the Normandy Beaches.

Artist: Jim Rae

HMS Lamont - Art Gallery






HMS Lamont

HMS Ard Patrick


Ex Clan Lamont (3)

1940 Requisitioned as Landing Ship

1945 Renamed HMS Ard Patrick as Accomodation Ship

1948 Returned to commercial service

1 x 4” Gun

1 x 12 pdr AA Gun

1 x 40mm AA Gun

10 x 20mm AA Guns


Official Number

Ship Builder

Engine Builder

Engine Type




Greenock Dockyard


John Kincaid


2 x Triple Expansion Steam

1370 NHP


Career Summary

HMS Lamont / HMS Ard Patrick

Pennant 4.420

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