Saxon (1)

SAXON (1) was built in 1854 by J. D'A Samunda at Poplar in London with a tonnage of 491grt, a length of 174ft, a beam of 24ft 6in and a service speed of 9 knots.

Sister of the Briton she made one voyage, Poplar - Smyrna - Constantinople - Malta - Southampton, before being chartered to the French Government for use in the Crimean War.

In 1858, because she was smaller than 530grt as required by the 4th September mail contract, she was sold to Bremner, Bennett & Bremner of London without a name change. Sold again in 1896 to J. Ballantyne of Limerick she was converted into a grain elevator and was still in service, without any motive power, until 1912 when all trace of her was lost.

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