Klaus Zebrowski

Vessel                         Rank

Clan Macinnes           Junior Engineer

Clan Maclean             Junior Engineer

Clan Macdonald         4th Engineer

Clan Macindoe           3rd Engineer

Clan Alpine               2nd Engineer

King Henry               4th Engineer

Phyllis Bowater         4th Engineer

Constance Bowater    3rd Engineer

Elizabeth Bowater     3rd Engineer

Service Record



Clan MacInnes

Jnr Engineer



Clan MacLean

Jnr Engineer


Clan MacDonald

4th Engineer

Clan MacIndoe

4th Engineer



Constance Bowater

3rd Engineer


Clan Alpine

Jnr 2nd Engineer



My name is Klaus Zebrowski and I sailed on various ships of the B & C Group in the 1960s and early 1970s, I am now retired and will be 70 in June of this year.

It would be nice to hear of anyone that might still remember me as a ship mate or would like to contact me, I herewith list all the vessels that I had signed and sailed on during my time with the B & C Group.

I had been in touch with a Harry Armstrong  of Belfast, Northern Ireland for many years but have lost contact with him a few years ago and it would be nice if anyone knows of Harry, he sailed mainly Union Castle line until the early 1970s and his last ship I believe was the Edinburgh Castle on which he sailed as 2nd Engineer.

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