Clan MacTaggart (1)

Date of attack

16 Nov 1942  


Sunk by U-92 (Adolf Oelrich)

Position 36.08N, 07.23W - Grid CG 9457


172 (3 dead and 169 survivors).




Gibraltar (15 Nov) - Clyde



Notes on loss  

At 05.49 hours on 16 Nov, 1942, the Clan Mactaggart (Master Joseph Henry Crellin) in convoy MKS-1X was torpedoed and sunk by U-92 50 miles southwest of Cadiz.

Two crew members and one naval personnel were lost. The master, 97 crew members, 17 gunners and 54 naval personnel were picked up by HMS Coreopsis (K 32) (LtCdr A.H. Davies, RNVR).

The survivors were distributed by the corvette to HMS Landguard (Y 56) (LtCdr T.S.L. Fox-Pitt, RN) and HMS Lulworth (Y 60) (LtCdr C. Gwinner, DSO, RN) and landed at Londonderry.

34 Lascars on HMS Lulworth were later transferred to the Havildar sailing in the same convoy.


We have listing of 4 people who were on this vessel

This ship played an important role in the Second World War as she carried troops, ammunition and stores for the landings in North Africa.  

Tragically she was lost after being torpedoed off Gibraltar. Unknown to her captain, the convoy they were to join had been re-routed leaving her prey to the enemy.

Torpedoed and Sunk SW of Cadiz - 1942

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