Carnarvon Castle (2)

CARNARVON CASTLE (2) was built in 1926 by Harland & Wolff at Belfast with a tonnage of 20122grt, a length of 630ft 8in, a beam of 73ft 5in and a service speed of 16 knots.

She was launched by Lady Suffield the second daughter of Lord Kylsant and commenced her maiden voyage on 16th July 1926.

The company's first motorship she was also the first to exceed 20000grt and had the distinctive Harland & Wolff profile including the dummy forward funnel.

In 1936 the new mail contract required a 19 knot service speed to reduce the passage time to 13.5 days.

Consequently, in 1937 she was modernised and re-engined, resuming service on 8th July 1938, without the forward funnel, and setting a new record to Cape Town of 12 days 13 hours and 36 minutes.

In September 1939 she was commissioned by the navy for conversion at Simonstown, South Africa to an armed merchant cruiser, HMS Carnarvon Castle.

1st Class Christmas Dinner

Fancy Dress Ball Buffet

1st Class Farewell Dinner

Carnarvon Castle

Artist - Maurice Randall

Carnarvon Castle

Artist - Colin Verity

From B&C Review  June 1962



Years in Service


Carnarvon Castle (2)


September 1939 requisitioned for service in The Royal Navy

October 1939 commissioned as HMS Carnarvon Castle

1949 returned to Union-Castle

1963 scrapped


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