John Gilbart

Dear Owen,

I have a very special request to ask you if you could help me find out about my father. His name was John Gilbart & he was born 23/07/1900 in Lelant in Cornwall.

He was employed by Union-Castle as a cable & wireless officer on the Llangibby Castle in 1935  on the Southampton to Cape Town route.

Also I have found out he was the Senior Radio Officer in Union-Castle in the 1950's.

As you will surmise if I don't find out soon I never will.   

I have no further information other than he had a brother that lived in Camborne & died 1975 so I suspect that he will have retained connections with Cornwall.

In have been trying to find out since 1979!!

I appreciate that you may not be able to help but it is worth asking.

Penelope Walker.    

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