Harry Flint


My name is bill flint and I am researching my family history.   

My grandfather Harry Flint served with Union-Castle line in the war.   

I have a passbook which starts in 08-04-37 and finishes in 28-10-40 not sure if he worked on this line before that.   

Would it be possible to tell me any more information about him have very little info and am looking for any thing your help would be appreciated

                                 yours faithfully

                                              Bill Flint


Thanks for getting back to me.   

I have my grandfathers continuous certificate of discharge book  with the first boat called S.S. Grantully Castle which sailed 8/4/1937 and came back home on  23/6/1937.   

He was a lifeboat-man/lamp trimmer.  His last boat was the  M.V. Hylton  which sailed  28/10/1040  and came back  29/3/1941.   He died in 1942 working in the office at poplar in London still working for the Union-Castle line.   

There is or was a book before this because when he died the report in local paper said that he had spent 47 yrs in navy he was torpedoed five times I am led to believe.  

Hope this of help  any more information would  be nice  many thanks

                      yours faithfully Bill Flint


Just found out that Harry Flint also served in royal navy as well as merchant navy his number for royal navy is 191066 A.B., R.N. that is written on bottom of his first world war medals other number for merchant are dis.a no 611067

                 yours faithfully Bill Flint


Harry Flint born 4th Jan. 1881 signed on with royal navy on 4 Jan 1899 for 12 yrs .but spent the three yrs before that as  a boy sailor with a shore based training school he served on aprox. 23 ships being always of good conduct  but he was in trouble at some time spent time in the cells on board ship plus on land as well (I am waiting for some information on this at this moment ) after this he was in royal volunteer reserve ten joined the Union-Castle mail steamship line again worked on many ships finishing in about 1940 failed his medical got office job and died in London in 1942  hope this is of interest to you  collating information at moment as his life is .will be printed in book form sometime this year along with other people whose name appears on war memorial at West Grinstead

                                   best regards Bill Flint

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