Frederick Fleet

Born:    Liverpool 15.10.1887.

Frederick was abandoned by his parents and grew up in foster homes, with distant relatives or orphanages.  Aged 12 he was sent to a training ship to the age of 16 when he went to sea as a deck boy.

Frederick became an A.B., signed on the ‘Oceanic’ as lookout before transferring to ‘Titanic’ as lookout, he was on duty when the ‘Titanic’ struck the iceberg.

Detailed off to help crew boat No.6 Frederick survived the disaster, he sailed with various companies including the Union-Castle Line before in 1936 coming ashore to work for Harland & Wolff.   

Later he became a shore Master-at-Arms (the master-at-arms at sea is the ship’s ‘policeman’, in fact many were ex policemen, Frederick’s position was probably more that of doorman to the Canute Road office.) before finally ending up selling newspapers.

When in 1964 his wife died Frederick ended up on the streets, he committed suicide and was buried in a paupers grave in Hollybrook Cemetery, Southampton.   

His grave now has a headstone paid for by the Titanic Historical Society.  

Information from web site, Encyclopedia Titanica

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