Robert Emmett

Union-Castle radio officer 1949/1953 last ship "Winchester Castle."



I moved today from Box Hill in Surrey to Lichfield and found your email on my daughter's computer.  Unfortunately my log books, photos etc are still in transit.

I joined Union-Castle in 1949 and my first voyage was on the Stirling. I then served on the Roxburgh, Langibby, Rowallan, Edinburgh and Winchester.   I left in 1953 to work on the Copper Mines in Northern Rhodesia.   I have a few pics  taken in Union-Castle but I can't remember many names.   The happiest ship I sailed on was the Winchester.  With Bob Brew as the number 1 R/O.  A super bod.

With my war service I spent 12 years at sea and am coming up to 83 years of age.

Will be in touch.



Email 22/03/08

With reference to the captain on the Winchester.    His name was Lloyd  and he had been on the ship for a number of years.   I did sail with a chief officer on the Stirling who was also named Lloyd.   He was a South African and had one dodgy eye and was known as 'Swivel eye' Lloyd or 'Ushant' fixed and one flashing.  He was promoted to Captain whilst I was with U-C.

I have heard of 'Logger' but am not sure which Lloyd that applied to..   The one on the Winchester was an extremely nice bloke.   When we use to arrive at Madeira I always made sure I was below the starboard wing of the bridge when we were tying up to the buoy.   Captain Lloyd would invariably look over the side of the bridge and shouted down to me  "If you would like to go ashore Mr Emmett don't be too late in coming back."   A first class gent.

The 1st R/O, Bob Brew, was another extremely nice person....the best chief R/O I ever sailed with.

When I got married in Durban to the girl I had met on the sheer coincidence the Winchester was in port.   Bob Brew attended as well Raymond Wallace and Tom Pink, who were pursers.   

Tom Pink emigrated to Australia and Raymond Wallis died at a very early age from a blood clot in his leg.

Look forward to hearing from you.



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