Mrs Elizabeth Elbra

Mrs. Elizabeth Elbra was the widow of George Elbra, Bos'un of the DRUMMOND CASTLE

Name                                Elbra, Elizabeth                              

Age                                    55

Position                            Stewardess

Nationality                        United Kingdom

Vessel                               H.M.H.S. "Glenart Castle"  (Capt B. Burt)

Date of death                   26/02/1918   Lost when ship was torpedoed by "UC 56"

Family information          wife of (the late) George Elbra.

Memorial                          Tower Hill, London

References                       CWGC,  Union-Castle and the War 1914-1919,  Union-Castle Chronicle            

Email 16/12/2006

Reg Kelso directed me to your website. Of course the first search I made was on my own name and I found that much of the details of my glorious career had been omitted. My last position was of Junior 2nd Officer on the Stirling Castle. I left as soon as I had obtained my master's ticket. This was after eleven years with the Company. More details ad nauseam can be provided if required.

The Elbra family was much involved with the Company. As well as Elizabeth, my grandmother, who drowned when the Glenart was torpedoed in World War I, my grandfather, George, served a boatswain on the Drummond. Unfortunately, he too drowned when she went aground in 1896. My father, Bernard, was second accountant in the Fenchurch Street offices. Additionally my sister, Corinne, served for only three trips as nursing sister on the Arundel in 1957.

I think that the family deserves a web page all to itself.


Service Record



Glenart Castle




26 February 1918

Aged 55

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