Edward ‘Billy’ Herbert Dayus

I have just come across your interesting site regarding the Union-Castle Line. My father was a Radio Officer on the SS Llanstephan Castle from about 1929-1933.  I don't know the exact dates he was employed by the company but have I have photographs of him in his uniform dated 1930 and 1932. He spent 2/3 years in this position as an interim between leaving school and going to university where he studied to be a Veterinary Surgeon.

His route was to Durban I believe.  I have been trying to find out as much as I can about the Llanstephan and have managed to find and download a couple of photos from the internet.  I know that the few years that he spent in this position were some of the most memorable and happiest of his life.


Edward Herbert DAYUS born 1910 Shropshire

Good luck with your project.

Service Record



Llanstephan Castle

Rado Officer



From Ann Widdowson

I am attaching both photos of my father on Llanstephan as they show both versions of the uniform. The first has on the back  'Billy Dayus by himself on the S/S Llanstephan Castle July 1930 '.  The second '1932'.

I would indeed be most interested in anything else that you could find out for me about the Llanstephan's routes and the work of a radio officer. In particular where the ship was in July 1930.  Presumably South Africa. Although my father's name was Edward Herbert Dayus he was known as 'Billy'.



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