Eric White Davis

I am trying to trace records of my maternal grandfather, Eric White Davis. Family legend says that he was a purser with the Union-Castle line, but I have no further information about this, e.g. no exact dates, no details of which ships he served on, etc.   

It seems likely that this would have been at some period shortly after WW1, in which he served in the Royal Artillery, and then in the army of occupation.

My mother, who is now 86, has no recollection of ever seeing her father, and he may or may not have died / been divorced at some time in the early 1920s.   

A general websearch of his name + Union-Castle line brought up your website, but I cannot find any reference to him on it.   

I am extremely eager to find out what happened to him, and to allow my mother to learn something of his life.

If you can help in any way, I should be most grateful.

Mrs. J. R. Newman

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