Correen Davis

Now Gie

 27th June 2007

From: Correen Gie

Maiden name : Davis ~ Chilly Ho  ~ mid 1964 ~ end of 1967!

Went over on the Athlone, joined the Reina del Mar (Dec) for the 1964 SA to South American Cruises.

Finished on the SA Oranje, returning home on the Windsor Dec 1967.

Did a relief trip on the SA Vaal (for Tony Ackrill) in 1968 -----  

28 April 2017

I am sorry to pass on the news of the passing of Correen Gie (nee Davis). I know that Correen served as Children's Hostess on "Athlone Castle" and Reina del Mar mid to late sixties and was a great supporter of the reunions we held in South Africa. A great enthusiast for all matters associated with Union-Castle, she possessed a large company house flag which was frequently flown over their home in Port Alfred.

The message below is from husband John and their children.

Dear Friends

 It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our beloved mom and wife Correen (Corky).

 She passed away unexpectedly on Monday 17th April 2017.  She contracted a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia, but thankfully she did not suffer.  She was fit, cheerful and her normal chirpy self right up until the night before she passed.

 On behalf of our all of us, we would like to thank you for your friendship and kindness over the years.  Mom was truly special and had many friends around the world.

 She will be missed terribly, but we are thankful for the full and happy life that we shared with her.

 Dad does not have email so is only available via telephone:  046 6243736 or postal address:  PO Box 317, Port Alfred, 6170.

He is doing okay and putting on a his usual brave face.

I am happy to pass any emails onto to dad if you would like to contact him:

 Kind Regards,

 John, Bruce and Kath.

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