John Crowley

John was the senior cadet when I joined the "Kenilworth Castle" on my first trip in Middlesbrough.  

I recall him as being one of those people one cannot help but liking, good humoured, always ready to help and, very important to me, did not look upon first trippers with complete disdain!  

The Missions to Seamen held a dance, I think twice a week and a number of local girls came, one became very friendly with us, particularly with John on whom I expect she had a crush.   

We cadets were permanently ravenous, the Company's idea of feeding was not over generous, and this young lady would make up John packets of ham sandwiches which he generously shared with us.

But the few days we shared on the "Kenilworth" were to be John's last days at sea. Before sitting for the 2nd mates examination it was usual to take an eye sight test (it was mandatory for 2nd mates), John was a little worried about his sight, his suspicions were confirmed when he failed the test.


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