Lying alongside Grantully Castle

Review  - October 1963

In March 2013 Yves Goilot posted on Facebook:

The SS ROVUMA was bought in 1949 by the Colonial Steamship and renamed the FLOREAL and traded between the Indian Ocean islands. Registered in Port Louis until 1955 until she was sold and renamed BOUNDARY and finally broken up around 1963 in Durban. Sailed on her on a few occasions with my uncle who was in command. Could be considered as my first ship.

When Colonial Steamship bought her,they also inherited an Iranian illiterate greaser known only as Gandhi who had no ID papers at all even less a passport. He was eventually naturalised and given a Mauritian Passport.

Eventually became a Watchkeeping Engineer but needed help to fill in his log !!!He finally traced back his origins to Saudi Arabia where he was adopted by one of his rich cousin

As Boundary

Life after Union-Castle Line

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At the Breakers at Durban - 1963

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Rovuma - A Gallant Little Vessel

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