1954 - March

Mail Service

Edinburgh Castle

Left Southampton

4 March

For South Africa

Winchester Castle

Left Southampton

11 March

For South Africa

Capetown Castle

Left Southampton

18 March

For South Africa

Stirling Castle

Left Southampton

25 March

For South Africa


H A Dellar

G W Lloyd

J H Trayner

J F Oakley

Chief Officer

A J Hort

First Officer

J R Henderson

Second Officer

J C Edwards

Third Officer

M A Bowyer

Fourth Officer

M J Norman

Chief Engineer

R B Bannerman

First Engineer

A M Shute

Second Engineer

F C Petit

Int Second Engineer

A C Simpson

Jnr Second Engineer

R L Atkinson


D Fairley


L F Taylor

Second Purser

Chief Steward

L C Pyne

First Radio Officer

R Brew

Union-Castle Line

Clan Stewart

Left Birkenhead

17 March

For South Africa


H J Anchor

Clan Line

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