1977 - August

Mail Service

Windsor Castle

Left Southampton

12 August

For South Africa (Final Voyage)

Good Hope Castle

Left Southampton

19 August

For South Africa


P St Q Beadon

W J Howson

Staff Commander

A Wigham

Chief Officer

P Brown

Second Officer

D Reid

Extra Second Officer

I Ross

First Radio Officer

L Whittaker

Second Radio Officer

G Walker


J Latham

Chief Engineer

S Harron

First Engineer

A Garside

Second Engineer

D Warren

Extra Second Engineer

J Tomlinson

Junior Second Engineer

M Davies

Junior Second Engineer

C Field

Chief Frig Engineer

W Falconer

First Electrician

T Stallard

Second Electrician

J Towler

Chief Purser

J E Dimmock

Cruise Purser

C Rutt


K N Underwood

Purser Catering

D Padmore

Second Purser

D Mason

Second Purser Catering

C Murray

Children’s Hostess

C Amis


D Heard


J Leslie

Union-Castle / Safmarine

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