1896 - January

Intermediate Service


3 January


8 January


F J Moseley

W Martin

Chief Officer

F J Kennedy

T H Wilford

Second Officer

J H Ryan

J Reardon

G Gregory

Third Officer

A Williams

Fourth Officer

H R Wilkinson

W T Clifford

Chief Engineer

J H Forbes

H P Conway

Second Engineer

A L Smith

A G Risk

Third Engineer

J Cranch

G R Batchelor

Fourth Engineer

J H Grant

A E Rolls

Fifth Engineer

G Clark

P Eckford

Sixth Engineer

C Permain

Frig & Electrical Engineer

A Corfe


H Foyle

W C Loos

Chief Steward

A Harrington

J McHugh

Union Line

Mail Service


Left Southampton

1 January

For South Africa


Left Southampton

4 January

For South Africa

Dunottar Castle

Left Southampton

11 January

For South Africa


Left Southampton

18 January

For South Africa

Hawarden Castle

Left Southampton

25 January

For South Africa


R Reynolds

N R Neilson

W Hay

Chief Officer

J T Robinson

Combined Mail Service

Scot was obliged to put in to Vigo (Spain) disabled. The passengers were picked up by Athenian, then acting as an Intermediate, leaving Southampton on 28 December. The remaining passengers were picked up by Mexican which left Southampton 3 days ahead of schedule.

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